1.       At any time you can contact the ‘huurcommissie’;

If you as a tenant feel you have been treated unfair according to Dutch law then you can contact this organization. It is an impartial organization and support/advise tenants and owners on any potential disputes

2.       Submitting a deal and the potential consequences of putting out of a deal:

In The Netherlands (Dutch law) a deal is a legally binding deal if and when the core elements price and term have been agreed between both parties (owner and tenant). In The Netherlands a verbal and/or a written agreement is a legally binding one.

PLEASE NOTE: Renthouse International BV is submitting this offer on your behalf and will require your written approval to do so. An offer/rental agreement is between yourself and the other party, the owner/landlord. Renthouse International is an agent and not a party.

PLEASE NOTE: Once your submitted offer has been accepted by the other party you have a deal and no elements of the done deal can be altered. Please review carefully before submitting your approval.
When an owner accepts your bidding you have a deal. This is why you as a candidate can only submit one offer at the time. Imagine you submit three offers at once to different owners and all parties accept your offer, all three owners can hold you to the mutually agreed deal as submitted by you.

PLEASE NOTE: if and when a party (for example you as tenant) ‘back out of the done deal’ you might be held responsible for this act and its potential consequences.

These consequences might entail costs like:

  1. Missed income for the owner as they have taken the property of the market as they have a done deal with you.
  2. Having to pay their real-estate agent to offer their property on the (online-) market again.
  3. Renthouse International BV has, with your approval, mediated successfully. If you require a new Home Search costs might be charged.
    If and when the above is the case and you wish to challenge this, you might require legal representation.

If any of the above is unclear please ask Renthouse International about this. Otherwise we will assume you understand.

3.       If you wish to rent a property offered by our sister company

If you wish to progress with a property that has been offered by our sister company Renthouse Vastgoed BV, you may need to seek other representation than Renthouse International BV. Dutch law prohibits real-estate agents to represent two parties during negotiations, this would mean there is a conflict of interest. By law a real-estate agent must charge (only) the owner if that agent offered it on the rental market. Renthouse International can guide you and suggest another good agents to represent you.

4.       All relevant personal information about your identity should be truthful.

5.       An offer and a (signed) contract are between the two legally binding parties.

A real-estate agent is merely a mediator and has an advisory role only.


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