Renthouse International is member of the MVA/NVM and as a ‘Certified Expat Broker’ a partner of the Expat Center Amsterdam (regulated by the City of Amsterdam)

  • MVA: Makelaars Vereniging Amsterdam (Association of Real-Estate agents of Amsterdam).
  • NVM: ‘Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars’ (National association of Dutch real-estate agents).
  • As a MVA ‘Certified Expat Broker’ and we are a partner of the ‘Expat Center Amsterdam’.

Highest possible qualification (NVM):
Renthouse International is a member of the NVM; ‘Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars’ (Dutch association of real-estate agents).
Being a NVM member means;

  • Truly the highest possible education in the Netherlands
  • Qualified agents for renting and buying
  • Up-to-date knowledge; all NVM agents must attend mandatory trainings/classes each quarter to ensure all possess the latest changes in the law and regulations.
  • Experts in Dutch Law, contracts and all legal matters
  • All agents have taken an oath on acts of conduct
  • Large network of qualified agents

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