Renthouse International prides itself on offering the very best possible Homesearch services. Whatever you need to help you and your employees settle in the Netherlands, we are glad to help. Our team of experts are friendly, responsive, multilingual and 100% client-focused. As we have operated now coming up to 45 years our experience in the field is we believe second to none.

Where you are looking for a home will most probably depend on the location of your workplace. We can use our wealth of expertise and experience to help you pick out suitable locations whether you are travelling by car, public transport, or – the most dutch way – by bicycle!

To find out more about our Homesearch services and all that finding your home entails, choose one of the menu items above.

We also post regular information and guides to the neighbourhoods which make up our beautiful cities, so check out our News page for our ‘Focus on:’ items.







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