Condition of the Property

There are three general conditions in which a property is rented.
–  Fully furnished (‘Gemeubileerd’): this means in principle that you should be able to bring only your toothbrush and clothing. All other furniture will be present in the property.

– Partly furnished (‘Gestoffeerd’): this means that the property is equipped with a floor covering, curtains or other window covering, and that there are laundry facilities such as washer and dryer.

– Empty (‘Kaal’): this literally means the property comes with a concrete floor and no curtains or laundry facilities installed. You do always get a fitted bathroom and kitchen. This type of property can be interesting if you are planning to stay a number of years and are willing to invest in carpet or laminate and some curtains. The prices of such properties are commonly lower and they tend to be found in modern complexes.


Most landlords ask for in principle 2 month’s rent as a deposit, which is payable along with the first month’s rent before the keys will be handed over. Depending on the size and condition of the property though, this may be able to be negotiated down by the agent who represents you.
Notice Period
Dutch law prescribes one months’ notice. Irregardless of which notice period an offer and/or a rental agreement might have, Dutch law
Diplomatic Clause
During the rental agreement:

Who is responsible for (small) repairs? You or the owner?
City Taxes
Legal issues

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